Public Finance

In today’s challenging fiscal environment, well-founding fiscal policy decisions are more important than ever. Policy Analytics provides the technical tools necessary to provide public leaders with a clear view of their fiscal situation, and to evaluate the short-term and long-term implications of policy decisions.

Property Tax Revenue Forecasting

While making tax bills more predictable for taxpayers, Indiana’s property tax caps (circuit breakers) have significantly impacted local budgets. Using its parcel-level Local Government Revenue Model, Policy Analytics provides local officials with valuable analysis on circuit breaker impacts and tax base changes.

Local Option Income Tax Analysis

Local option income taxes are an increasingly significant component of local revenues. With decades of experience in income tax forecasting, Policy Analytics work with local units to understand future income tax revenues, and interactions with the property tax system.

School Finance

Policy Analytics works closely with school corporations to help leaders understand and respond to fiscal challenges. By providing detailed analytical support, Policy Analytics assists school leaders in evaluating all fiscal options, including operating or capital projects referenda.

Tax Increment Financing

In the age of property tax caps, growing the tax base is key to funding local government. Tax increment financing (TIF), when utilized and implemented properly, can drive tax base growth. Policy Analytics provides a variety of TIF related services, from revenue forecasting to data administration.